Input and Output for data driven decisions
Inbound and Outbound freight management
Insourced and Outsourced distribution logistics

VersantI/O is a proprietary 6-Phase methodology for analyzing all aspects of your distribution logistics challenge
  • Evaluate — Understand the requirements
  • Engineer — Map the current/future process and project future gains
  • Empower — Set the strategy for transition and implementation
  • Enable — Train people on the transition requirements
  • Execute — Launch the transition
  • Evolve — Monitor and continuously improve the new process

Versant visualizes your logistics network as a series of connected tasks that combine to create a continuous flow of work from your original supply source through to your end customer.

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VersantI/O White board

Sometimes you just need to bounce an idea off someone who is not directly connected to your job. We understand.

We love discussing people’s logistics challenges. So we created the VersantI/O Whiteboard to offer 30 minutes of our time for free to people in the distribution logistics business.

No strings attached. No sales pitch. Just an open ear and a willingness to help